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House Hunting

The house hunt continues, I never imagined it would be this difficult to find a home that has everything we are asking for for a decent price. As of now we are trying to rent a home and there are alot of nice homes to rent but it seems since the economy is horrible everyone and I mean everyone is trying to do the same thing. Also you would think that since the market was down there would be real estate agents dying to help you find a home but it takes them forever to get back to you or they aren't sure if the homes are available and by the time they get back to you someone else has rented the house. We actually have been looking since the beginning of February since we did not sign the renewal lease agreement with our current apartment complex and have to be all moved out by April 18. However if we move out before April 1 we don't have to pay next month's ( which is april) rent and saving $640 would be nice, plus I don't want to give this property management one more red cent of my hard earned money. Side note : my son just randomly just whined and cried in his sleep for 10 seconds lol . Anyway it is so bad that we have probably spoke to over 10 real estate agents who all promise that they will " find us exactly what we want, and make sure it is available." After dealing with that we have just been going to the houses that we find on home sites like trulia and zillow and once we get there and decide we like it then we call who ever is leasing the property that way we aren't sitting at home waiting for them to call us and being our own agent is working out so much better. Which brings me to now today we went to see a home that we both really like , that has all the things we asked for and is at a great price we spoke with the agent they are super excited about us potentially living there and informed us that no one else is looking at the property at this time so we are not having to fight it out yay. We will turn in the application tomorrow and are sending good vibes and prayers that we get the home. So I would like it if you guys would also send good vibes and or prayers for us to get this home.


My son is growing up so incredibly fast! He is 11 weeks old and such a joy to our lives. He is trying to crawl and talk. He holds his bottle almost completely by himself and holds is head up like a pro. He has started almost sleeping completely through the night even when we put him to bed as early as 730pm. He does still want to eat around 345 am but that is okay since he sleeps hours and hours before then and he goes pretty much back to sleep after he eats and lets mommy or daddy sleep to 7 or 8am before he wants to get up and start his care free day. He is on soy milk which in turn we are trying things like silk . He is on soy milk because we think he is allergic to regular milk ( just like mommy was as a baby and still is sometimes) and his spitting up has lessened . Since he is on soy milk we give him 2 oz of pear juice to help his poop not be so rough on him and he appreciates it poor thing was almost in tears before when he tried to go . His eczema has also improved because of the milk switch which makes me happy because for about 2 weeks his poor skin looked terrible and he was super fussy but it has improved and we have a cream to help as well. He has also started teething ( so fast ikr!) so we have been using the teething tablets which also work well for anyone who wondered. The drooling is kinda cute though but the talking and sometimes singing ( which sounds ofcourse) is my favorite. Yes I am a proud mommy !


Still enjoying it lol! My husband is such an amazing dad and mate and though we irritate each other at times I would not want to nor care to be married or have children with anyone else. We take Jeremiah on date night and I get to have two dates plus he is pretty well behaved for a 2 and a 1/2 month old lol and allows mommy to continue to be lovey with daddy. So love after a baby does still occur so yay me lol. We have now been married for 1 year and four months but it feels like forever lol luckily for me he finds ways to make me love him more and more each day. ( Yes u know I used lol alot in this section but so what lol)


My six week check up went great we decided to not put me back on the bc pills and just use condoms. That way my hormones stay as regulated as they are now and I am not going through pill brand after pill brand to figure out which one works best which was a nightmare before we got pregnant I had not taken bc in 4 months because they all did weird stuff. Def no depo shot i'm trying to loose weight not gain it and the iud scares me so condoms it is. I went back to work ( yuck) It could be worse though I am however looking for something better and that I enjoy more and hoping to finally finish this crazy degree and start nursing school. I do appreciate the fact that I do have a job now and that my husband and I have worked it out so that Jeremiah is with one of us all day and doesn't have to be at a day care just yet. I am really trying to wait until he 6 months but if an opportunity arises that requires me to work more or at times that J can't be home we will make arrangements then. Other than that things are going well , we are very blessed and grateful.

house hunting and taxes

We have been diligently looking for a home to start our growing family in. The apartment was great for just me and j but now that we have jeremiah we need a bigger place. Ofcourse we are such last minute people that we put it off so much that now we only have 2 months to find a house and be in it on or before april 18 because we told our leasing office that we for sure did not and would not be staying another year. I mean we are not asking for it to be over the top but we do want it to be nice.


i have to say this is the third weekend in a row where my husband has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. im beyond stressed and hurt. i know we are both stressed and learning how to find our personal time and make sure our baby is taken care of but i feel neglected.  sometimes i feel like maybe i am just being selfish but he has the same three days off every week ,friday saturday and sunday, but for the most part for these past three weeks i feel like unless he absolutely has to he doesnt want to talk to me or interact with me. mind you he is happy go lucky with our son, it is just me he is being standoffish with. my feelings are hurt and i feel like a single parent in a two parent home. i volunteer to stay awake with the baby  just  so ill have someone to talk to even though i know he cant talk back. im just ready for his moody brooding to end so i can stop feeling like ive done something wrong and deserve this treatment.
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tax time

so it is tax time again and this time we have a baby to claim . Even though I was out of work for two months last year and did not receive any unemployment we ( my husband and I plus baby) are getting back 7500 dollars. This makes me happy because we now have the money to put down on a house and get out of this apartment scene. it seems like just mere months ago me and terrell were just moving in together circa Feb 2010 and now we are set to move into our first house in april, time is really really flying. I was talking to an old friend about facebook and their " life events" and I do believe that I have a few that I could add finally unlike some people who just add things like jumped into a lake as a life event . Since 2008 I have been with terrell , had our first encounter together, owned my first car, switched schools, gone from full time student part time worker to part time student full time worker, moved out of my parents house with terrell, owned another car, became full time student and full time worker, total bill paying adult, married person, mommy, and now soon to be home owner. That is intense. In four years I have gone through some pretty dramatic changes and yet I still look towards the future and what other wonderful challenging things that life plans to bring my way. Also since we got a little more back in taxes than we thought we would I am now going to be able to stay on maternity leave for a couple of extra weeks and hopefully my husband will get this promotion and I can be full time stay and home mom and full time student :) Im ready for my 6 week pp appointment next week this condom thing is for the birds and im ready to be checked out and released to go on and prosper lol.

Baby's first bath

Today was a relax day for my husband and I. Im still on maternity leave and today is the first of his three set off days. We have just been enjoying jeremiah and each other. Jeremiah is the new love of my life aka my almost 6 week old son, move over husband lol. We gave him his first bath today since his umbilical cord stump finally fell off and his circumcision is completely healed. He started out hating it. He screamed and pouted and flailed his hands in despair it made me sad but we pressed on and then he stopped crying. He actually might like being in his little tub after all and his little hair is so so curly when wet. My husband has been " walking" him down the hall, more like putting jeremiah's little feet on the carpet and bouncing him down the the way it is so funny and cute to watch them together. I love the two best men in my life.
Only a few short weeks maybe even days before I have to return to work and I am beyond dreading it 6 weeks has gone by much too quickly and I cant bear to leave my son for hours at a time but atleast it will be a switch off between my husband and I. while he is at work I will have our son and when he gets off I go in to work and work weekends. Honestly I hope he gets this promotion so I can continue to concentrate solely on school and the baby and not have to work but until then it's off back to work I go. I am trying to enjoy these last few days at home with him. Looking forward to the life ahead with him he truly is the new light in my life.
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