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cooking week 2

After a week of cooking, saturday my husband made me breakfast in bed I appreciated it. So today starts week number two for cooking and I started it out with chicken parm with home made sauce and spagetti pasta. Terrell still thinks that I have my grandma hiding in a closet and when he leaves she comes out and cooks . If you knew my grandma and her wonderful cooking you would know what a huge compliment that is to be told that what I am cooking taste as great as what she does.

The last time I posted I wrote about cooking the famous butter chicken. The chicken tasted great but I won't be using that recipe again. The breading did not stay on and the butter flavor was over powering . So I put it back in the oven and sprinkled some parm cheese over it and it tasted much better.  I did change the chicken parm recipe a little I didnt add the olives to the sauce, I used half the amount of bread crumbs and half the amount of garlic. It was really good and the sauce had a little bit of a kick because it had some crushed red pepper tossed in. Choosing recipes actually is alot more fun now that I have figured out how to add or take away to make it my own. It is  flattering as well to see Terrell come home from work and go straight to the kitchen to see what it is that I have cooked .  Yay to appreciative husbands and even more yay to being able to cook what I want.

In other news , my son is 9 months old. I cannot believe his  birthday is right around the corner. We recently bought him walking shoes with the little bells and I think by this time next month he will be walking unassisted. He has all but abandoned his baby food and only wants what we are eating. He is almost exclusively drinking from a sippy cup. He has such a big personality and I am over joyed everyday to be able to say he is my son.

Tomrrow I think I have decided to make chicken and broccoli alfredo.

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