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Cooking day # 4

I have now consitantly without being asked cooked and enjoyed dinner all week and I am feeling impowered. Yesterday I made the French's Crunchy Chicken and it was DELISH! It was so good that Terrell asked me to make it again on saturday. I had planned to do Chicken and Broccoli with home made alfredo sauce but you have to give the fan (s) what they want lol.  The recipe is printed on every french's container so I won't re-write it here but I will tell you what I changed. I used half the amount of french's fried onions and subsituted in italian bread crumbs with garlic cloves. I also shaved 10 mintues off of the cooking time and turned the chicken mid way through so that they would cook evenly. Today I am making Famous Butter and Garlic Chicken wiith broccoli rice. Wish me luck! What has been going on with you guys give me and update.

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