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I know this may sound odd or even a tad bit childish but whoever it is that keeps calling my husband around 10pm at night is making me super jealous that he is taking their phone calls. Long gone are the days where me and j sit on the phone for long periods of time mostly because at some point we know we will both be at home together. However, there was once a time where his was the very last call I would take for the day and I almost expected his to be the very first call I received the next morning. So it is strange to me that he is spending time with anyone outside of me on the phone for more than 5 or 10 mins. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong or scold me for acting like a jealous school girl. I just find it kinda weird and a little unnerving but I refuse to ask who it is or to know what they talk about. I just had to let this thought out as I continue to procrastinate and not write my psychology paper. UGH some things never change.

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