neka (n3xole) wrote,

somethings got to give

After much delay I am here again to give a summary of life since the last time I posted. We bought a house in April in dallas, ga and we loooooove it. It is three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a almost finished basement , two door garage two story home with a huge backyard in a wonderful semi-suburban neighborhood. Jeremiah is almost 8 months old, babbling saying da da , crawling, trying to walk and eating solids and drinking out of a sippy cup my little boy is growing up so fast. His first two bottom teeth are almost all the way in so that makes for some sleepless nights but it could be much worse . I love being a mommy. I no longer work for jcpenney and i start working at wellstar on sept 1 and i am excited. As soon as i finish my psychology degree I can start nursing school and I can't wait. I miss my friends I feel like I havnt seen some of them in years even though we still communicate it would be nice for a face to face catch up maybe I will start utilizing skype . Life is good and I am looking forward to the future.

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